Epigram 7.278

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 247
Codex Palatinus 23 p. 248


οὐδὲ νέκυς, ναυηγὸς ἐπὶ χθόνα Θῆρις ἐλασθεὶς
κύμασιν, ἀγρύπνων λήσομαι ἠιόνων.
ἦ γὰρ ἁλιρρήκτοις ὑπὸ δειράσιν, ἀγχόθι πόντου
δυσμενέος, ξείνου χερσὶν ἔκυρσα τάφου:

αἰεὶ δὲ βρομέοντα καὶ ἐν νεκύεσσι θαλάσσης
ὁ τλήμων ἀίω δοῦπον ἀπεχθόμενον
μόχθων οὐδ᾽ Ἀίδης με κατεύνασεν, ἡνίκα μοῦνος
οὐδὲ θανὼν λείῃ κέκλιμαι ἡσυχίῃ.

— Paton edition

Not even now I am dead shall I, shipwrecked
Theris, cast up on land by the waves, forget the
sleepless surges. For here under the brine-beaten
hill, near the sea my foe, a stranger made my grave ;
and, ever wretched that I am, even among the dead
the hateful roar of the billows sounds in my ears.
Not even Hades gave me rest from trouble, since I
alone even in death cannot lie in unbroken repose.

— Paton edition




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