Epigram 6.107

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 161


Ὑλησκόπῳ με Πανὶ θηρευτὴς Γέλων
ἔθηκε λόγχην, ἧς ἀπέθρισε χρόνος
ἀκμὴν ἐν ἔργῳ, καὶ λίνων πολυστρόφων
γεραιὰ τρύχη, καὶ πάγας δεραγχέας,

νευροπλεκεῖς τε κνωδάλων ἐπισφύρους
ὠκεῖς ποδίστρας, καὶ τραχηλοδεσπότας
κλοιοὺς κυνούχους: γυῖα γὰρ δαμεὶς χρόνῳ
ἀπεῖπεν ἤδη τὴν ὀρεινόμον πλάνην.

— Paton edition

The huntsman Gelo dedicates to Pan, the ranger of the forest, me, his spear, the edge of which time hath worn by use, also the old rags of his twisted hunting-nets, his nooses that throttle the neck, his foot-traps, made of sinews, quick to nip beasts by the leg, and the collars, masters of his dogs’ necks; for Time has overcome his strength, and be has now renounced wandering over the hills.

— Paton edition




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