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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 161
Codex Palatinus 23 p. 191


τοῦτό σοί, ὑληκοῖτα, κατ᾽ ἀγριάδος πλατάνοιο
δέρμα λυκορραίστης ἐκρέμασεν Τελέσων,
καὶ τὰν ἐκ κοτίνοιο καλαύροπα, τάν ποκα τῆνος
πολλάκι ῥομβητὰν ἐκ χερὸς ἠκροβόλει.

ἀλλὰ τύ, Πὰν βουνῖτα, τὰ μὴ πολύολβά τε δέξαι
δῶρα, καὶ εὐαγρεῖ τῷδε πέτασσον ὄρος.

— Paton edition

This skin, O woodland god, did Telamon, the slayer of wolves, suspend to thee on the plane-tree in the field, also his staff of wild olive wood which he often sent whirling from his hand. But do thou, Pan, god of the hills, receive these not very rich gifts, and open to him this mountain, thy domain, to hunt thereon with success.

— Paton edition




Cette épigramme est une imitation de 6.35


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