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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 161


Τρῖγλαν ἀπ᾽ ἀνθρακιῆς καὶ φυκίδα σοί, λιμενῖτι
Ἄρτεμι, δωρεῦμαι Μῆνις ὁ δικτυβόλος,
καὶ ζωρόν, κεράσας ἰσοχειλέα, καὶ τρύφος ἄρτου,
αὖον ἐπιθραύσας, τὴν πενιχρὴν θυσίην

ἀνθ᾽ ἧς μοι πλησθέντα δίδου θηράμασιν αἰὲν
δίκτυα: σοὶ δέδοται πάντα, μάκαιρα, λίνα.

— Paton edition

I, Menis the net-fisher, give to thee, Artemis of the harbour, a grilled red-mullet and a hake, a cup of wine filled to the brim with a piece of dry bread broken into it, a poor sacrifice, in return for which grant that my nets may be always full of fish; for all nets, gracious goddess, are given to thy keeping.

— Paton edition




Artémis Limnaia ou Potamia régnait sur les eaux, tant stagnantes que courantes; elle avait de nombreux sanctuaires aux bords des marais et des fleuves; les poissons lui étaient parfois consacrés. -P. Waltz


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