Epigram 6.104

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 160


Σπερμοφόρον πήρην ὠμαχθέα, κὠλεσίβωλον
σφῦραν, καὶ γαμψὰς πυρολόγους δρεπάνας,
καὶ τριβόλους ὀξεῖς ἀχυρότριβας, ἱστοβόην τε
σὺν γυροῖς ἀρότροις, καὶ φιλόγαιον ὕνιν,

κέντρα τ᾽ ὀπισθονυγῆ, καὶ βουστρόφα δεσμὰ τενόντων,
καὶ τρίνακας ξυλίνας, χεῖρας ἀρουροπονων,
γυῖ᾽ ἅτε πηρωθεὶς Λυσίξενος αὔλακι πολλῇ
ἐκρέμασεν Δηοῖ τῇ σταχυοστεφάνῳ.

— Paton edition

Lysixenus, deprived of the use of his limbs by
much ploughing, suspends to Demeter with the
wreath of corn, his seed-bag carried on the shoulder, his mallet for breaking clods, his curved sickle that gathers the corn, his sharp-toothed threshing "trebbia," his plough-tree with the curved plough and the share that loves the earth, his goad that pricks the oxen in the rear, the traces attached to their legs that make them turn, and his wooden winnowing-fork, the hand of the husbandman.

— Paton edition




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