Epigram 6.103

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 160


στάθμην ἰθυτενῆ μολιβαχθέα, δουριτυπῆ
σφῦραν, καὶ γυρὰς ἀμφιδέτους ἀρίδας,
καὶ στιβαρὸν πέλεκυν στελεχητόμον, ἰθύδρομόν τε
πρίονα, μιλτείῳ στάγματι πειθόμενον,

τρύπανά θ᾽ ἑλκεσίχειρα, τέρετρά τε, μιλτοφυρῆ ρε
σχοῖνον, ὑπ᾽ ἀκρονύχῳ ψαλλομένην κανόνι, .
σοί, κούρη γλαυκῶπι, Λεόντιχος ὤπασε δῶρον,
ἄνθος ἐπεὶ γυίων πᾶν ἀπέδυσε χρόνος.

— Paton edition

Leontichus, when time had stripped from his
limbs all bloom, gave to thee, grey-eyed Athene, his taut plumb-line weighted with lead, his hammer that strikes planks, his curved bow-drill with its string attached to it at both ends, his sturdy axe for hewing tree-trunks, his straight-running saw that follows the drops of red ochre, his augers worked by the hand,
his gimlets, and his taut ochre-stained line just
touched by the extreme edge of the rule.

— Paton edition




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