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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 160


Ῥοιὴν ξανθοχίτωνα, γεραιόφλοιά τε σῦκα,
καὶ ῥοδέας σταφυλῆς ὠμὸν ἀποσπάδιον,
μῆλὸν θ᾽ ἡδύπνουν λεπτῇ πεποκωμένον ἄχνῃ,
καὶ κάρυον χλωρῶν ἐκφανὲς ἐκ λεπίδων,

καὶ σίκυον χνοάοντα, τὸν ἐν φύλλοις πεδοκοίτην,
καὶ πέρκην ἤδη χρυσοχίτων᾽ ἐλάην,
σοί, φιλοδῖτα Πρίηπε, φυτοσκάφος ἄνθετο Λάμων,
δένδρεσι καὶ γυίοις εὐξάμενος θαλέθειν,

— Paton edition

To thee, Priapus, who lovest the wayfarer, did the gardener Lamon, praying that his trees and his own limbs may flourish, dedicate a yellow-coated pomegranate, figs wrinkled like old men, half-ripe reddening grapes plucked from a cluster, a sweet-scented quince with a fleece of fine down, a walnut peeping from its green outer skin, a cucumber wont to lie embedded
in its leaves with the bloom on it, and a golden-smocked olive already ripe.

— Paton edition




Cette épigramme paraît imitée de 6.22 de Zonas


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