Epigram 6.101

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 160


ξίφη τὰ πολλῶν κνωδάλων λαιμητόμα
πυριτρόφους τε ῥιπίδας πορηνέμους,
ἠθμόν τε πουλύτρητον, ἠδὲ τετράπουν
πυρὸς γέφυραν, ἐσχάρην κρεηδόκον,

ζωμήρυσίν τε τὴν λίπους ἀφρηλόγον,
ὁμοῦ κρεάγρῃ τῇ σιδηροδακτύλῳ,
βραδυσκελὴς Ἥφαιστε, σοὶ Τιμασίων
ἔθηκεν, ἀκμῆς γυῖον ὠρφανωμένος.

— Paton edition

Timasion, whose limbs have now lost their lustiness, dedicated to thee, slow-footed Hephaestus, his knives that have slaughtered many beasts, his windy bellows that feed the fire, his pierced tammy and that four-footed bridge of fire, the charcoal pan on which the meat is set, his ladle that skims off the foaming fat, together with his iron-fingered flesh-hook.

— Paton edition




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