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πρῶτα μὲν εὐξαμένῃ με Θεὸς πόρε μητρὶ φαεινῇ:
δεύτερον, ἐκ μητρὸς δῶρον ἔδεκτο φίλον
τὸ τρίτον αὖ, θνῄσκοντά μ᾽ ἁγνὴ ἐσάωσε τράπεζα:
τέτρατον, ἀμφήκη μῦθον ἔδωκε Λόγος:

πέμπτον, παρθενίη με φίλοις προσπτύξατ᾽ ὀνείροις:
ἕκτον, Βασιλίῳ σύμπνοα ἱρὰ φέρον
ἕβδομον, ἐκ βυθίων με Φερέσβιος ἥρπασε κόλπων
ὄγδοον εὗ νούσοις ἐξεκάθηρα χέρας:
εἴνατον ὁπλοτέρῃ Τριάδ᾽ ἤγαγον, ὦ ἄνα, Ῥώμῃ:

βέβλημαι δέκατον λάεσιν ἠδὲ φίλοις.

— Paton edition

Firstly God gave me to my glorious mother in
answer to her prayers ; secondly, He received me a
welcome gift from her ; thirdly, the holy table saved
me from death : fourthly, the Word gave me two-
edged speech ; fifthly, Virginity enfolded me in her
dear dreams ; sixthly, I entered the priesthood in
union with Basil ; seventhly, my father saved me
from the deep ; eighthly, I cleansed well my hands
by disease (sic) ; ninthly, I brought the doctrine of
the Trinity, O my Lord, to New Rome; tenthly, I
was smitten by stones and by friends (sic).

— Paton edition






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