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πῶς ἐλύθη Νόννης καλὰ γούνατα; πῶς δὲ μέμυκεν
χείλεα; πῶς ὄσσων οὐ προχέει λιβάδας;
ἄλλοι δ᾽ αὖ βοόωσι παρ᾽ ἠρίον ἡ δὲ τράπεζα
οὐκέτ᾽ ἔχει καρποὺς τῆς μεγάλης παλάμης:

χῶρος δ᾽ ἐστὶν ἔρημος ἁγνοῦ ποδός, οἱ δ᾽ ἱερῆες
οὐκέτ᾽ ἐπὶ τρομερὴν κρατὶ βαλοῦσι χέρα.
χῆραι δ᾽ ὀρφανικοί τε, τί ῥέξετε; παρθενίη δὲ
καὶ γάμος εὐζυγέων, κέρσατ᾽ ἄπο πλοκάμους,

τοῖσιν ἀγαλλομένη κρατὸς φέρε πάντα χαμᾶζε,
τῆμος ὅτ᾽ ἐν νηῷ ῥικνὸν ἀφῆκε δέμας,

— Paton edition

How are Nonna’s goodly knees relaxed, how are
her lips closed, why sheds she not fountains from her
eyes ? Others cry aloud by her tomb, and the holy
table no longer bears the gifts of her generous hands.
The place misses her holy foot, and the priests no
longer shall lay their trembling hands upon her head.
Widows and orphans! what will ye do ? Virgins and
well mated couples ! shear your hair . . . glorying in
which she let fall on the ground all that was on her
head, then when in the temple she quitted her
wrinkled body.

— Paton edition






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