Epigram 7.470

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 281


α. εἶπον ἀνειρομένῳ τίς καὶ τίνος ἐσσί.
β. φίλαυλος Εὐκρατίδεω. α. ποδαπὸς δ᾽ εὔχεαι
α. Ἔζησας δὲ τίνα στέργων βίον;
β. οὐ τὸν ἀρότρου, οὐδὲ τὸν ἐκ νηῶν, τὸν δὲ σοφοῖς ἕταρον.
α. γήραϊ δ᾽ ἢ νηῶν βίον ἔλλιπες;
β. ἤλυθον Ἅιδαν αὐτοθελεί, Κείων γευσάμενος κυλίκων.
α. ἠ πρέσβυς;
β. καὶ κάρτα.
α. λάχοι νύ σε βῶλος ἐλαφρὴ σύμφωνον πινυτῷ σχόντα λόγῳ βίοτον.

— Paton edition

A. " Tell him who enquires, who and whose son thou art."
B. " Philaulus son of Eucratides."
A. " And from whence dost thou say ?
"B. ..."
A. " What livelihood didst thou choose when alive ? "
B. " Not that from the plough nor that from ships,
but that which is gained in the society of sages."
A. " Didst thou depart this life from old age or from
sickness ? "
B. "Of my own will I came to Hades, having drunk of the Cean cup."
A. "Wast thou old ? "
B. " Yea, very old."
A. " May the earth that rests on thee be light, for the life thou didst
lead was in accordance with wisdom and reason."

— Paton edition




Boire aux coupes de Céos

À Céos, il était courant pour les vieillards qui n'étaient plus capable de travailler de boire du poison


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