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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 265


οὗτος ὁ Καλλαίσχρου κενεὸς τάφος, ὃν βαθὺ χεῦμα
ἔσφηλεν Λιβυκῶν ἐνδρομέοντα πόρων,
συρμὸς ὅτ᾽ Ὠρίωνος ἀνεστρώφησε θαλάσσης
βένθος ὑπὸ στυγερῆς οἴδματα πανδυσίης.

καὶ τὸν μὲν δαίσαντο κυκώμενον εἰν ἁλὶ θῆρες,
κωφὸν δὲ στήλη γράμμα λέλογχε τόδε.

— Paton edition

This is the cenotaph of Callaechrus, whom the deep undid as he was crossing the Libyan main, then when the force of Orion at the stormy season of his baneful setting stirred the sea from its depths. The sea-monsters devoured his wave-tossed corpse, and the stone bears but this empty inscription.

— Paton edition



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