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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 213


Σμερδίῃ ὦ ἐπὶ Θρῃκὶ τακεὶς καὶ ἐπ᾽ ἔσχατον ὀστεῦν,
κώμου καὶ πάσης κοίρανε παννυχίδος,

τερπνότατε Μούσῃσιν Ἀνάκρεον, ὦ πὶ Βαθύλλῳ
χλωρὸν ὑπὲρ κυλίκων πολλάκι δάκρυ χέας,

αὐτόματαί τοι κρῆναι ἀναβλύζοιεν ἀκρήτου,
κἠκ μακάρων προχοαὶ νέκταρος ἀμβροσίου;
αὐτόματοι δὲ φέροιεν ἴον, τὸ φιλέσπερον ἄνθος,
κῆποι, καὶ μαλακῇ μύρτα τρέφοιτο δρόσῳ:
ὄφρα καὶ ἐν Δηοῦς οἰνωμένος ἁβρὰ χορεύσῃς,

βεβληκὼς χρυσέην χεῖρας ἐπ᾽ Εὐρυπύλην.

— Paton edition

Tu che Smerdi di Tracia struggeva fino al midollo,
sire di serenate e di veglioni,
Anacreonte alle Muse diletto, che vivido pianto
sulle coppe versasti per Batillo,
sprizzino naturalmente per te fontane di vino,
nèttare ambrosio degli dèi fluisca,
dai viridari il fiore che ama la sera, la viola,
nasca e crescano i mirti alla rugiada,
sì che persino nel regno di Deo nell'ebbrezza tu danzi,
le mani tese a Eurìpile dorata.

— Pontani, Filippo Maria (1978-81) (ed.): Antologia Palatina, 4 vols., Torino.




genre 7.23

Libation (spondē) was an important part the ancient Greek religion, and more specifically, of the funerary rituals. Libation consisted of pouring milk, wine, honey, water or oil to the dead.


Σμερδίῃ ἐπὶ Θρῃκὶ τακεὶς καὶ ἐπ ἔσχατον ὀστεῦν ,
κώμου καὶ πάσης κοίρανε παννυχίδος ,

τερπνότατε Μούσῃσιν Ἀνάκρεον , πὶ Βαθύλλῳ
χλωρὸν ὑπὲρ κυλίκων πολλάκι δάκρυ χέας ,

αὐτόματαί τοι κρῆναι ἀναβλύζοιεν ἀκρήτου ,
κἠκ μακάρων προχοαὶ νέκταρος ἀμβροσίου ;
αὐτόματοι δὲ φέροιεν ἴον , τὸ φιλέσπερον ἄνθος ,
κῆποι , καὶ μαλακῇ μύρτα τρέφοιτο δρόσῳ :
ὄφρα καὶ ἐν Δηοῦς οἰνωμένος ἁβρὰ χορεύσῃς ,

βεβληκὼς χρυσέην χεῖρας ἐπ Εὐρυπύλην .

O Anachreon , delight of the Muses , lord of all
revels of the night , you who were melted to the
marrow of your bones for Thracian Smerdies , O you
who often bending over the cup did shed warm tears
for Bathyllus , may founts of wine bubble up for you
unbidden , and streams of ambrosial nectar from the
gods ; unbidden may the gardens bring you violets ,
the flowers that love the evening , and myrtles grow
for you nourished by tender dew , so that even in
the house of Demeter you may dance delicately
in your cups , holding golden Eurypyle in your arms .


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