Epigram 7.305

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 252


ὁ γριπεὺς Διότιμος, ὁ κύμασιν ὁλκάδα πιστὴν
κἠν χθονὶ τὴν αὐτὴν οἶκον ἔχων πενίης,
νήγρετον ὑπνώσας Ἀΐδαν τὸν ἀμείλιχον ἷκτο
αὐτερέτης, ἰδίῃ νηὶ κομιζόμενος:
ἣν γὰρ ἔχε ζωῆς παραμύθιον, ἔσχεν ὁ πρέσβυς
καὶ φθίμενος πύματον πυρκαϊῆς ὄφελος.

— Paton edition

The fisherman, Diotimus, whose boat, one and the same, was his faithful bearer at sea and on land the abode of his penury, fell into the sleep from which there is no awakening, and rowing himself, came to relentless Hades in his own ship; for the boat that had supported the old man in life paid himits last service in death too by being the wood for his pyre.

— Paton edition




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