Epigram 7.186

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 234


ἄρτι μὲν ἐν θαλάμοις Νικιππίδος ἡδὺς ἐπήχει
λωτός, καὶ γαμικοῖς † ὕμνος ἔχαιρε κρότοις:
θρῆνος δ᾽ εἰς ὑμέναιον ἐκώμασεν ἡ δὲ τάλαινα,
οὔπω πάντα γυνή, καὶ νέκυς ἐβλέπετο.

δακρυόεις Ἀίδη, τί πόσιν νύμφης διέλυσας,
αὐτὸς ἐφ᾽ ἁρπαγίμοις τερπόμενος λέχεσιν;

— Paton edition

But now the sweet flute was echoing in the
bridal chamber of Nikippis, and the house rejoiced
in the clapping of hands at her wedding. But the
voice of wailing burst in upon the bridal hymn, and
we saw her dead, the poor child, not yet quite a wife.
O tearful Hades, why did you divorce the bride-
groom and bride, you who yourself take delight in
ravishment ?

— Paton modified




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Epigram 7.183, Epigram 7.188

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