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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 155


σὸς πόσις Ἀγχίσης, τοῦ εἵνεκα πολλάκι, Κύπρι,
τὸ πρὶν ἐς Ἰδαίην ἔτρεχες ἠιόνα,
νῦν μόλις εὗρε μέλαιναν ἀπὸ κροτάφων τρίχα κόψαι,
θῆκε δὲ σοὶ προτέρης λείψανον ἡλικίης.

ἀλλά, θεά, δύνασαι γὰρ ἢ ἡβητῆρά με τεῦξον,
ἢ καὶ τὴν πολιὴν ὡς νεότητα δέχου.

— Paton edition

Cypris, thy husband Anchises, for whose sake thou didst often hasten of old to the Trojan shore, now just managed to find a black hair to cut from his temple, and dedicates it to thee as a relic of his former beauty. But, goddess, (for thou canst), either make me young again, or accept my age as youth.

— Paton edition



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