Epigram 6.109

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 161
Codex Palatinus 23 p. 162


γηραλέον νεφέλας τρῦχος τόδε, καὶ τριέλικτον
ἰχνοπέδαν, καὶ τὰς νευροτενεῖς παγίδας,
κλωβοὺς τ᾽ ἀμφιρρῶγας, ἀνασπαστούς τε δεράγχας,
καὶ πυρὶ θηγαλέους ὀξυπαγεῖς στάλικας,

καὶ τὰν εὔκολλον δρυὸς ἰκμάδα, τόν τε πετηνῶν
ἀγρευτὰν ἰξῷ μυδαλέον δόνακα,
καὶ κρυφίου τρίκλωστον ἐπισπαστῆρα βόλοιο,
ἄρκυν τε κλαγερῶν λαιμοπέδαν γεράνων,
σοί, Πὰν ὦ σκοπιῆτα, γέρας θέτο παῖς Νεολᾴδα

Κραῦγις ὁ θηρευτάς, Ἀρκὰς ἀπ᾽ Ὀρχομενοῦ.

— Paton edition

Craugis the huntsman, son of Neolaidas, an Arcadian of Orchomenus, gives to thee, Pan the Scout, this scrap of his old fowling-net, his triple-twisted snare for the feet, his spring-traps made of sinews, his latticed cages, his nooses for the throat which one draws up, his sharp stakes hardened in the fire, the sticky moisture of the oak, the cane wet with it that catches birds, the triple cord which is pulled to close the hidden spring-net, and the net for catching by the neck the clamorous cranes.

— Paton edition



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