Epigram 12.228

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 603


παῖδα μὲν ἠλιτόμηνον ἐς ἄφρονα καιρὸν ἁμαρτεῖν,
τῷ πείθοντι φέρει πλεῖον ὕβρισμα φίλῳ.

ἤδη δ᾽ ἐν νεότητι παρήλικα παιδικὰ πάσχειν,
τῷ παρέχοντι πάλιν τοῦτο δὶς αἰσχρότερον.

ἔστι δ᾽ ὅτ᾽ ἀμφοτέροις τὸ μὲν οὐκέτι, Μοῖρι, τὸ δ᾽ οὔπω
ἀπρεπές, οἷον ἐγὼ καὶ σὺ τὸ νῦν ἔχομεν.

— Paton edition

That an immature boy should do despite to his insensible age carries more disgrace to the friend who tempts him than to himself, and for a grown-up youth to submit to that, his season for which is past, is twice as disgraceful to him who consents as it is to his tempter. But there is a time, Moeris, when it is no longer unseemly in the one, and not yet so in the other, as is the case with you and me at present.

— Paton edition




Le titre « τοῦ αὐτοῦ » est une addition de Guyet. Il est absent au CP23.


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