Epigram 9.708

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ἔζευξ᾽ Ἑλλήσποντον ὁ βάρβαρος ἄφρονι τόλμῃ,
τοὺς δὲ τόσους καμάτους πάντας ἔλυσε χρόνος:
ἀλλὰ Δικαιάρχεια διηπείρωσε θάλασσαν,
καὶ βυθὸν εἰς χέρσου σχῆμα μετεπλάσατο:

λᾶα, βαθὺ στήριγμα, κατερρίζωσε πέλωρον,
χερσὶ Γιγαντείαις δ᾽ ἔστασε νέρθεν ὕδωρ.
ἦν ἅλ᾽ ἀεὶ πλώειν διοδευομένη δ᾽ ὑπὸ ναύταις
ἄστατος, εἰς πεζοὺς ὡμολόγησε μένειν.

— Paton edition

The barbarian bridged the Hellespont in his daring
folly, but Time dissolved all that labour. Now Dicae-
archia has made the sea a continent, and given the
depths the form of dry land. She fixed firmly in
the depths a vast supporting structure of stone, and
with the hands of the Giants made the water beneath
stand still. We could always sail over the sea, but
insecure as it was for sailors who travelled on it,
it has now promised to remain secure for foot-travellers.¹

— Paton edition




Paton Edition: 1 cp. Book VII. 379, of which this is an imitation.


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