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Codex Palatinus 23, p.453


ἡ καὶ ἔτ᾽ ἐκ βρέφεος κοιμωμένη Ἀντιοδημὶς
πορφυρέων, Παφίης νοσσίς, ἐπὶ κροκύδων,
ἡ τακεραῖς λεύσσουσα κόραις μαλακώτερον ὕπνου,
Λύσιδος ἀλκυονίς, τερπνὸν ἄθυρμα Μέθης,
ὑδατίνους φορέουσα βραχίονας, ἣ μόνη ὀστοῦν
οὐ λάχεν ῾ἦν γὰρ ὅλη τοὐν ταλάροισι γάλἀ,
Ἰταλίην ἤμειψεν, ἵνα πτολέμοιο καὶ αἰχμῆς
ἀμπαύσῃ Ῥώμην μαλθακίνῃ χάριτι.

— Paton edition

Antiodemis, the nursling of Aphrodite, who from
her babyhood slept on purple cloth, the glance of
whose melting eyes is softer than sleep, the halcyon
of Lysis,¹ the delightful toy of Methe, whose arms
flow like water, who alone among women has no
bones at all (for she was all cream-cheese), has
crossed to Italy, that by her softening charm she
may make Rome cease from war and lay down the

— Paton edition




Paton Edition: 1 Lysis was the originator of a particular style of merry song, the singers of which were called Lysiodi.


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