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On a figure of a Frog placed in a Crater

Codex Palatinus 23, p.427


ἀργυρέη κρηνίς με, τὸν οὐκέτι μακρὰ βοῶντα
βάτραχον, οἰνηραῖς ἔσχεν ὑπὸ σταγόσιν
κεῖμαι δ᾽ ἐν Νύμφαις, κείναις φίλος, οὐδὲ Λυαίῳ
ἐχθρός, ὑπ᾽ ἀμφοτέρων λουόμενος σταγόσιν.

ὀψὲ ποτ᾽ εἰς Διόνυσον ἐκώμασα. φεῦ τίνες ὕδωρ
πίνουσιν, μανίην σώφρονα μαινόμενοι.

— Paton edition

I am a frog, now no longer croaking continually,
placed under the shower of wine from the silver
spout.¹ I lie in the water, whose friend I am, but
no enemy to Bacchus, and I am washed by the drops
of both. Too late in life I went revelling to
Dionysus. Alas for those who drink water: they
are mad but with a temperate madness!²

— Paton edition



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Paton Edition: 1 The spout of the silver vessel from which the wine was poured.

2 Antigonus suggests that he, too, like the frog, had learnt wisdom and become a better poet since he had become a wine-drinker.



La paternité de cette épigramme est controversée. Pour une synthèse du débat, voir Utet, t. II, p. 395 :

"L'attribuzione ad Antigono di Caristo è documentata sola da C, in rasura - e di questo autore, non rimangono altri epigrammi ; il Palatino invece lo assegna ad Antipatro, la Planudea ad Epigono Tessalonicese. Contro Waltz, VIII, p. 27, per il quale "neque Antipatro Sidonio, neque Antigono Carystio tribui potest hoc epigramma", Argentieri, Gli epigrammi degli Antipatri, p. 195 considera veritiera la testimonianza di C."


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