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On the Theme "He who First heard Echo"

Codex Palatinus 23, p.422
Codex Palatinus 23, p.423


ὦ φίλοι, ἥρωες Δαναοί, θεράποντες Ἄρηος,
ψεύσομαι, ἢ ἔτυμον ἐρέω; κέλεται δέ με θυμός.
ἀγροῦ ἐπ᾽ ἐσχατιῆς, ὅθι δένδρεα μακρὰ πεφύκει,
ναίει ἐϋπλόκαμος δεινὴ θεὸς αὐδήεσσα,

ἢ θεός, ἠὲ γυνή: τοὶ δὲ φθέγγοντο καλεῦντες.
εἰ δὲ φθεγξαμένου του ἢ αὐδήσαντος ἀκούσῃ,
αὖτις ἀριζήλως εἰρημένα μυθολογεύει.
ἀλλὰ τίη τοι ταῦτα διεξέρχεσθαι ἕκαστα;
τὴν δ᾽ οὔτ᾽ ἀθρῆσαι δύναμ᾽ ἀντίον, οὔτε νοῆσαι.

ὁπποῖὸν κ᾽ εἴπῃσθα ἔπος, τοῖὸν κ᾽ ἐπακούσαις.

— Paton edition

Friends, Danaan heroes, servants of Ares, shall I
lie or speak the truth, as my heart bids me ? At
the utmost border of the land where the tall trees
grow lives a fair-haired dreadful goddess gifted
with speech, either a goddess or a woman, and they
called aloud on her. If she hear one call or speak,
she excellently repeats what was spoken. But why
narrate all this to thee in detail ? Only I cannot
look on her face or perceive her. Whatever kind of
word thou speakest the like shalt thou hear.

— Paton edition



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