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Sayings of the Seven Sages

Codex Palatinus 23, p.419


ἑπτὰ σοφῶν ἐρέω κατ᾽ ἔπος πόλιν, οὔνομα, φωνήν.

μέτρον μὲν Κλεόβουλος ὁ Λίνδιος εἶπεν ἄριστον

Χίλων δ᾽ ἐν κοίλῃ Λακεδαίμονι, γνῶθι σεαυτόν.
ὃς δὲ Κόρινθον ἔναιε Χόλου κρατέειν Περίανδρος.

Πιττακός, οὐδὲν ἄγαν, ὃς ἔην γένος ἐκ Μυτιλήνης.

τέρμα δ᾽ ὁρᾶν βιότοιο, Σόλων ἱεραῖς ἐν Ἀθήναις.

τοὺς πλέονας κακίους δὲ Βίας ἀπέφηνε Πριηνεύς,

ἐγγύην φεύγειν δὲ Θαλῆς Μιλήσιος ηὔδα.

— Paton edition

I will tell you in verse the cities, names, and say-
ings of the seven sages. Cleobulus of Lindus said
that measure was best ; Chilon in hollow Lacedaemon
said "Know thyself;" and Periander, who dwelt in
Corinth, " Master anger ; " Pittacus, who was from
Mytilene, said " Naught in excess ; " and Solon, in
holy Athens, " Look at the end of life " ; Bias of
Priene declared that most men are evil, and Thales
of Miletus said "Shun suretyship."

— Paton edition



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