Epigram 6.34

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 146
Codex Palatinus 23 p. 147
Codex Palatinus 23 p. 147


τὸ ῥόπαλον τῷ Πανὶ καὶ ἰοβόλον Πολύαινος
τόξον καὶ κάπρου τούσδε καθᾶψε πόδας,
καὶ ταύταν γωρυτόν, ἐπαυχένιόν τε κυνάγχαν
θῆκεν ὀρειάρχᾳ δῶρα συαγρεσίης.

ἀλλ᾽, ὦ Πὰν σκοπιῆτα, καὶ εἰσοπίσω Πολύαινον
εὔαγρον πέμποις, υἱέα Σιμύλεω.

— Paton edition

Polyaenus hung here as a gift to Pan the club,
the bow and these boar s feet. Also to the Lord of the lulls he dedicated this quiver and the dog-collar, gifts of thanks for his success in boar-hunting. But do thou, O Pan the scout, send home Polyaenus, the son of Symilas, in future, too, laden with spoils of the chase.

— Paton edition




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