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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 141


Ἡράκλεες, Τρηχῖνα πολύλλιθον ὅς τε καὶ Οἴτην
καὶ βαθὺν εὐδένδρου πρῶνα πατεῖς Φολόης,
τοῦτό σοι ἀγροτέρης Διονύσιος αὐτὸς ἐλαίης
χλωρὸν ἀπὸ δρεπάνῳ θῆκε ταμὼν ῥόπαλον.

— Paton edition

Heracles, who treadest stony Trachis and Oeta
and the headland of Pholoe clothed in deep forest, to thee Dionysius offers tins club yet green, which he cut himself with his sickle from a wild olive-tree.

— Paton edition



Selon Waltz, l'auteur Denys (Dionysius) était plus probablement le nom du donateur que celui du poète de cette épigramme.

"Dionysio Cyziceno tribuit Knaack, Rhodio Weigand ; Diotimi (aut Leonidae ?) esse suspicatur Stadtmüller, qui non iniuria animaduertit non poetae, sed didcantis nomen esse Dionysium cf. u. 3]

(Les Belles Lettres, t. III, p. 28)


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