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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 141


τόξα τάδε πτολέμοιο πεπαυμένα δακρυόεντος
νηῷ Ἀθηναίης κεῖται ὑπορρόφια,
πολλάκι δὴ στονόεντα κατὰ κλόνον ἐν δαῒ φωτῶν
Περσῶν ἱππομάχων αἵματι λουσάμενα.

— Paton edition

This bow, resting from tearful war, hangs here
under the roof of Athene’s temple. Often mid the
roar of battle, in the struggle of men, was it washed in the blood of Persian cavaliers.

— Paton edition




Recent editors of 'Simonidean' epigrams do not agree on the dating of this poem: while Sider (2021, 124-125) finds it impossible to exclude the possibility that it is an inscriptional poem in line with the attribution to Simonides, Page (1981, 218) unequivocally identifies distinctly Hellenistic and literary traits within it.


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