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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 145


καμπτομένους δόνακας, κώπην θ᾽ ἅμα, νηὸς ἱμάσθλην,
γυρῶν τ᾽ ἀγκίστρων καμπυλόεσσαν ἴτυν,
εὐκόλπου τε λίνοιο περίπλεα κύκλα μολύβδῳ,
καὶ φελλοὺς κύρτων μάρτυρας εἰναλίων,

ζεῦγὸς τ᾽ εὐπλεκέων σπυρίδων, καὶ μητέρα πυρσῶν
τήνδε λίθον, νηῶν θ᾽ ἕδρανον ἀσταθέων
ἄγκυραν, γριπεύς, Ἐριούνιε, σοὶ τάδε Βαίτων
δῶρα φέρει, τρομεροῦ γήραος ἀντιάσας.

— Paton edition

Baeto the fisherman, having reached trembling old age, offers thee, Hermes, these gifts, his pliant rods, his oar, whip of his boat, his curved, pointed hooks, his encompassing circular net weighted with lead, the floats that testify to where the weels lie in the sea, a pair of well-woven creels, this stone, the mother of fire, and his anchor, the stay of his unstable boat.

— Paton edition




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