Epigram 6.232

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 184


βότρυες οἰνοπέπαντοι, ἐυσχίστοιό τε ῥοιῆς
θρύμματα, καὶ ξανθοὶ μυελοὶ ἐκ στροβίλων,
καὶ δειλαὶ δάκνεσθαι ἀμυγδάλαι, ἥ τε μελισσῶν
ἀμβροσίη, πυκναὶ τ᾽ ἰτρινέαι ποπάδες,

καὶ πότιμοι γέλγιθες, ἰδ᾽ † ὑελακύκαδες ὄγχναι,
δαψιλῆ οἰνοπόταις γαστρὸς ἐπεισόδια:
Πανὶ φιλοσκήπωνι καὶ εὐστόρθυγγι Πριήπῳ
ἀντίθεται λιτὴν δαῖτα Φιλοξενίδης.

— Paton edition

Philoxenides offers a modest feast to Pan with the sheperd’s crook, and Priapus with the beautiful horns. There are grapes ripe for wine-making, and fragments of the pomegranate easily split, and the yellow marrow of the pine cone, and almonds afraid of being cracked, and the bees’ ambrosia, and shortcakes of sesame, and relishing heads of garlic and pears with shining pips, (?) abundant little diversions for the stomach of the wine-drinker.

— Paton edition




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