Epigram 6.217

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 180


χειμερίην νιφετοῖο κατήλυσιν ἡνίκ᾽ ἀλύξας
Γάλλος ἐρημαίην ἤλυθ᾽ ὑπὸ σπιλάδα,
ὑετὸν ἄρτι κόμης ἀπομόρξατο: τοῦ δὲ κατ᾽ ἴχνος
βουφάγος εἰς κοίλην ἀτραπὸν ἷκτο λέων.

αὐτὰρ ὁ πεπταμένῃ μέγα τύμπανον ὃ σχέθε χειρὶ
ἤραξεν, καναχῇ δ᾽ ἴαχεν ἄντρον ἅπαν.
οὐδ᾽ ἔτλη Κυβέλης ἱερὸν βρόμον ὑλονόμος θὴρ
μεῖναι, ἀν᾽ ὑλῆεν δ᾽ ὠκὺς ἔθυνεν ὄρος,
δείσας ἡμιγύναικα θεῆς λάτριν, ὃς τάδε Ῥείᾳ

ἐνδυτὰ καὶ ξανθοὺς ἐκρέμασε πλοκάμους.

— Paton edition

The priest of Rhea, when taking shelter from the winter snow-storm he entered the lonely cave, had just wiped the snow off his hair, when following on his steps came a lion, devourer of cattle, into the hollow way. But he with outspread hand beat the great tambour he held and the whole cave rang with the sound. Nor did that woodland beast dare to support the holy boom of Cybele, but rushed straight up the forest-clad hill, in dread of the half-girlish servant of the goddess, who hath dedicated to her these robes and this his yellow hair.

— Paton edition



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