Epigram 11.142

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 528


πολλοῦ δεῖ καὶ σφίν καὶ τρὶς παρ᾽ ἕκαστα
δικασταὶ ἄνδρες, καὶ λέγε δὴ τὸν νόμον ἐνθάδε μοι,
καὶ ταυτὶ καὶ μῶν καὶ τετταράκοντα καὶ ἄττα
σκεψάμενος, καί τοι νὴ Δία, καὶ μὰ Δία,
ῥήτωρ ἐστὶ Κρίτων, καὶ παιδία πολλὰ διδάσκει:
προσθήσει δ᾽ αὐτοῖς γρῦ, φαθὶ καὶ μίν ἔτι.

— Paton edition

After having studied “Far be it,” and sphin and thrice in each period, “Gentlemen of the jury,” and “Here, usher, repeat the law for me,” and “This way,” and “I put it to you,” and “two score,” and “certain alleged,” and indeed “By heaven,” and “’Sdeath,” Crito is an orator and teaches numbers of children, and to these phrases he will add gru, phathi, and min.

— Paton edition





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