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On a Temple of Aphrodite built in the Sea

Codex Palatinus 23, p.484


μητρὶ περιστεφέος σηκοῦ, Κυθέρεια, θαλάσσῃ
κρηπῖδας βυθίας οἴδματι πηξαμένη:
χαίρει δ᾽ ἀμφὶ σὲ πόντος, ἐπὶ ζεφύροιο πνοῇσιν
ἀφρὸν ὑπὲρ νώτου κυάνεον γελάσας.

εἵνεκα δ᾽ εὐσεβίης, νηοῦ θ᾽ ὃν ἐγείρατο σεῖο
Πόστουμος, αὐχήσῃ μέζον, † αφλοισι Πάφου.

— Paton edition

Cytherea, who hast established in the depths of
the flood the foundations of the sanctuary encinctured
by thy mother the sea, around thee the sea rejoices,
its blue surface smiling gently under the breeze of
Zephyr. Because of this act of piety, and thy temple
which Postumus erected, thou shalt boast thee more
than because of Paphos.

— Paton edition



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