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On a Tapestry

Codex Palatinus 23, p.482


γαῖαν τὴν φερέκαρπον ὅσην ἔζωσε περίχθων
ὠκεανὸς μεγάλῳ Καίσαρι πειθομένην,
καὶ γλαυκήν με θάλασσαν ἀπηκριβώσατο Καρπὼ
κερκίσιν ἱστοπόνοις πάντ᾽ ἀπομαξαμένη:

Καίσαρι δ᾽ † ακείνου χάρις ἤλθομεν ἦν γὰρ ἀνάσσης
δῶρα φέρειν τὰ θεοῖς καὶ πρὶν ὀφειλόμενα.

— Paton edition

In me Carpo, imitating all by her shuttle's labour
at the loom, depicted accurately all the fruitful land,
encompassed by Ocean, that obeys great Caesar, and
the blue sea as well. I come to Caesar as a present
. . . ., for it was the queen's duty to offer the gift
long due to the gods.²

— Paton edition



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Paton Edition: 2 i.e. to the emperors. The corrupt word in I. 5 (or possibly καρ -irbi in 1. 3, where καρπω is a conjecture) conceals the clue to the identity of the queen. She was probably Oriental.


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