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On a Suburban Park in Amasia called Eros

Codex Palatinus 23, p.470


δεῦρ᾽ ἴθι, βαιόν, ὁδῖτα, πεσὼν ὑπὸ δάσκιον ἄλσος,
ἄμπαυσον καμάτου γυῖα πολυπλανέος,
χλωρὸν ὅπου πλατάνων αὐτόρρυτον ἐς μέσον ὕδωρ
καλὰ πολυκρούνων ἐκπρορέει στομάτων

ὁππόθι πορφυρέης ὑπὲρ αὔλακος εἴαρι θάλλει
ὑγρὸν ἴον ῥοδέῃ κιρνάμενον κάλυκι.
ἠνίδε πῶς δροσεροῖο πέδον λειμῶνος ἐρέψας
ἔκχυτον εὐχαίτης κισσὸς ἔπλεξε κόμην.
ἐνθάδε καὶ ποταμὸς λασίην παραμείβεται ὄχθην,

πέζαν ὑποξύων αὐτοφύτοιο νάπης.
οὗτος Ἔρως: τί γὰρ ἄλλο καὶ ἔπρεπεν οὔνομα χώρῳ,
πάντοθεν ἱμερτῶν πληθομένῳ Χαρίτων;

— Paton edition

Come here for a little, traveller, and reclining in
the greenwood shade rest thy limbs from thy long
and toilsome journey. Here amongst the plane-trees
the fresh streams of water running at its will leap
forth beautifully from many-mouthed fountains.
Here in spring the soft violets mixed with roses
empurple the ground. Look how, engarlanding the
fresh meadow, the luxuriant ivy twines its flowing
hair. The river runs between its foliaged banks,
grazing the base of the self-sown grove. Such is
Eros. What other name would be appropriate
for a place replete in every way with charm and
loveliness ?

— Paton edition



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