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On the House called Chalcé in the Palace built by Anastasius

Codex Palatinus 23, p.467
Codex Palatinus 23, p.468


οἶκος Ἀναστασίοιο τυραννοφόνου βασιλῆος
μοῦνος ὑπερτέλλω πανυπείροχος ἄστεσι γαίης,
θαῦμα φέρων πάντεσσιν, ἐπεὶ κοσμήτορες ἔργων
ὕψος ὁμοῦ μῆκός τε καὶ ἄπλετον εὖρος ἰδόντες,

ἀσκεπὲς ἐφράσσαντο πελώριον ἔργον ἐᾶσαι:
ἀλλὰ πολυκμήτοιο λαχὼν πρεσβήϊα τέχνης

αἰθέριος πολύϊδρις ἐμὴν τεχνήσατο μορφήν,
ἀχράντῳ βασιλῆι φέρων πρωτάγρια μόχθων.
ἔνθεν ἀπειρέσιον μέγεθος περὶ παντὶ τιταίνων,

Αὐσονίης νίκησα βοώμενα θαύματα γαίης.
εἶξον ἀρειοτέροισι, χάρις Καπετωλίδος αὐλῆς,
εἰ καὶ χαλκείων ὀρόφων ἀμαρύγματα πέμπεις:
κρύψον ἀμετρήτων μεγάρων στεινούμενον αὐλαῖς,
Πέργαμε, φαιδρὸν ἄγαλμα τεόν, Ῥουφίνιον ἄλσος:

μηδὲ τανυπλεύροισιν ἀρηρότα, Κύζικε, πέτροις
Ἀδριανοῦ βασιλῆος ἀμεμφέα νηὸν ἀείσεις.
οὔ μοι Πυραμίδων ἰκέλη κρίσις, οὐδὲ Κολοσσοῦ,
οὐδὲ Φάρου: μεγάλην μοῦνος δ᾽ ὑπερέδραμον ἴλην.
αὐτὸς ἐμὸς σκηπτοῦχος Ἰσαυροφόνον μετὰ νίκην

χρυσοφαές μ᾽ ἐτέλεσσεν ἐδέθλιον Ἠριγενείης,
πάντῃ τετραπόρων ἀνέμων πεπετασμένον αὔραις.

— Paton edition

I am the house of Anastasius, the emperor, slayer
of tyrants,¹ and I alone far excel all cities of the
Earth. I am a cause of wonder to all, since
the architects, seeing my height, length, and vast
breadth, were minded to leave the huge pile un-
roofed ; but skilled Aetherius, the most eminent
master of that laborious art, devised my shape, lay-
ing the first-fruits of his toil before our stainless
emperor. Therefore, stretching on all sides my
vast bulk, I surpass the celebrated wonders of the
Italian land. Beauty of the Capitolian hall, give
place to thy betters, even though thy roof of bronze
dazzles the eye. Hide, Pergamus, thy splendid
ornament, the grove of Rufinus,² narrow now beside
the halls of this limitless palace ; and thou, Cyzicus,
no longer sing of thy noble temple of Hadrian
standing fast on the long cliff. The pyramids are
not capable of vying with me, or the colossus, or
the Pharus ; I alone surpass a great legion of build-
ings. My prince himself, after his victory over the
Isaurians, completed me, the house of the Dawn,
shining with gold, on all sides exposed to the breezes
of the four winds.

— Paton edition


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Paton Edition notes on description: Lit. "The Bronze Gate." The name was transferred to the whole building which formed the vestibule of the palace

1 The Isaurian robber chiefs.

2 Quite unknown. The Rufinus referred to is probably the celebrated minister of Theodosius (circ. 400 a.d.).


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