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On a Latrine in the Suburbs of Smyrna

Codex Palatinus 23, p.465


εὖγε μάκαρ τλήθυμε γεωπόνε: σοὶ βίος αἰεὶ
μίμνειν καὶ σκαπάνης ἄλγεα καὶ πενίης:
λιτὰ δέ σοι καὶ δεῖπνα, καὶ ἐν ξυλόχοισι καθεύδεις,
ὕδατος ἐμπλήσας λαιμὸν ἀμετροπότην.

ἔμπης ἀρτίπος ἐσσί, καὶ ἐνθάδε βαιὰ καθεσθεὶς
αὐτίκα γαστέρα σὴν θῆκας ἐλαφροτάτην
οὐδὲ καταψήχεις ἱερὴν ῥάχιν, οὐδέ τι μηροὺς
τύπτεις, ἀρτεμίης φόρτον ἀρωσάμενος.
τλήμονες οἱ πλουτοῦντες ἰδ᾽ οἱ ^ κείνοισι συνόντες

οἷς πλέον ἀρτεμίης εὔαδεν εἰλαπίνη.

— Paton edition

Blest are you, long-suffering labourer ! You have
only to put up, all your life, with the pains of hoeing
and poverty. Simple are your meals, and you sleep
in the woods, after satisfying your throat's vast thirst
for water. Yet you are perfectly sound, and sitting
here for a few moments lighten your belly. You
don't rub down the lower part of your spine, or beat
your thighs, but you get rid of the burden naturally.
They are in evil case, the rich and those who associate
with them, whom feasting pleases more than sound

— Paton edition





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