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In Anazarba of Cilicia

Codex Palatinus 23, p.458


νωθρὸς ἐγὼ τελέθεσκον ἀπ᾽ ἰξύος ἐς πόδας ἄκρους
τῆς πρὶν ἐνεργείης δηρὸν ἀτεμβόμενος,
ζωῆς καὶ θανάτοιο μεταίχμιον, Ἄϊδι γείτων,
μοῦνον ἀναπνείων, τἆλλα δὲ πάντα νέκυς.

ἀλλὰ σοφός με Φίλιππος, ὃν ἐν γραφίδεσσι δοκεύεις,
ζώγρησεν, κρυερὴν νοῦσον ἀκεσσάμενος:
αὖθις δ᾽ Ἀντωνῖνος, ἅπερ πάρος, ἐν χθονὶ βαίνω,
καὶ ποσὶ πεζεύω, καὶ ὅλος αἰσθάνομαι.

— Paton edition

I was paralyzed from the hips to the soles of my
feet, long deprived of my former activity, half-way
between life and death, near to Hades, breathing
only, otherwise an utter corpse. But skilled Philip-
pus, whom you see in the picture, saved me, healing
my chilling sickness ; and now I, Antoninus, again
tread on the earth and walk with my feet, and have
feeling in every part.

— Paton edition




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