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(Addressed to L. Calpurnius Piso)

Codex Palatinus 23, p.431


σοί με, Θρηϊκίης σκυληφόρε, Θεσσαλονίκη
μήτηρ ἡ πάσης πέμψε Μακηδονίης.
ἀείδω δ᾽ ὑπὸ σοὶ δεδμημένον Ἄρεα Βεσσῶν,
ὅσς1᾽ ἐδάην πολέμου πάντ᾽ ἀναλεξάμενος.

ἀλλά μοι ὡς θεὸς ἔσσο κατήκοος, εὐχομένου δὲ
κλῦθι. τίς ἐς Μούσας οὔατος ἀσχολίη;

— Paton edition

Thessalonica, the mother of all Macedonia, sends
me to thee, despoiler of Thrace. I sing thy conquest
of the martial Bessi, collecting all that I learnt about
the war.¹ But be thou, like a god, attentive to me,
and listen to my prayers. What occupation is there
which can deny an ear to the Muses ?

— Paton edition


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Paton Edition: 1 Piso conducted operations against the Thracians from B.C. 11 to B.C. 8. Antipater sends him a poem on the war, begging him to read it.


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