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Codex Palatinus 23, p.423
Codex Palatinus 23, p.424


ἐξ ἐμέθεν λυκάβαντος ὑπηελίοιο θύρετρα,
Αὐσονίης θ᾽ ^ ὕψος δέρκεται Ἠέλιος.
αὐτὰρ ἐγὼ θαμινῇσι γύην νιφάδεσσι διαίνω,
τεύχων εἰαρινῆς ἔγκυον ἀγλαΐης.

ἄρχετ᾽ Ἄρης ἀπ᾽ ἐμεῖο, καὶ ἄνθεα καὶ γλάγος ἡδύ:
ἴση δ᾽ εἰκοστῷ ἤματι νὺξ τελέθει.
ἐντύνοι τημόσδε φυτοσκάφος, ἔρνεα τάμνων,
ῥίζᾐ ἐπ᾽ ἀγροτέρῃ ἥμερον ἀκρεμόνα.
οἴγεται ἄρτι θάλασσα: ἐφοπλίζοιτε δὲ νῆας:

ὥριον ἀκλύστων ἐκτὸς ἄγειν λιμένων.
μεσσάτιος ῥόδου εἰμὶ καὶ ἀργεννοῖο κρίνοιο,
καὶ ξανθῆς κεράσου βρίθομαι ἀκρεμόσιν.
καρκίνον Ἠέλιος μετανίσσεται: ἀστάχυας δὲ
καρφαλέους κείρει γειοπόνος δρεπάνῃ.

κρίνω ἐγὼ Δηὼ καὶ ἀχυρμιάς: ἐν δὲ Λέοντι
ἀτρεκέα τελέθει χεύματα Νηιάδων.
βρίθω ἐγὼ σταφυλῇ, βρίθω δ᾽ ἐπὶ πάσῃ ὀπώρῃ:᾿:
αὖθις δ᾽ ἰσοπαλὴς γίνεται ἤματι νύξ.
τίς δὲ κ᾽ ἐμεῖο πέλοι γλυκερώτερος, ὃς μέθυ χεύω,

ληνῷ ἐπεὶ κατάγω Βάκχον ἀπ᾽ οἰνοπέδου;
εἴ τοι Ἀθηναίης πέλει ἔρνεα, ὥριον ἤδη
καρπὸν ἀποθλίβειν, μνῆστιν ἔχειν καμάτων.
παύσασθαι νειοῦ κέλομαι: γλαγόωντι γὰρ ἤδη
σπέρματι ῥιγεδανὴ πηγυλὶς ἀντιάσει.

— Paton edition

January: From me opens the door of the solar
year and the sun looks on the supreme magistrates
of Italy.¹ February : I wet the land with thick
snowflakes, making it pregnant with the splendour
of spring. March : Mars begins from me, and
flowers and sweet milk, and on my twentieth day
night and day are equal. April : Let the gardener
now cut shoots and graft tame branches on wild
stems. May : Now the sea is open ; equip the
ships ; it is time to sail them out of the untroubled
harbours. June : I am half way between the rose and
white lily, and I am heavy with branches of yellow
cherries. July : The Sun crosses Cancer, and the hus-
bandman with his sickle cuts the ripe ears. August :
I separate the corn from the straw, and in Leo the
fountains of the Naiads are at their purest. September:
I am heavy with grapes and all kinds of fruit, and
again night and day become equal. October : Who
can be sweeter than me, who pour forth wine when
I bring Bacchus from the vineyard to the press ?
November : If thou hast Pallas' olive-trees it is time
to press the fruit and remember thee of labour.
December : I bid thee cease from ploughing the
fallow land, for the frosts will injure the milky

— Paton edition



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