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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 286


Δᾶμις ὁ Νυσαιεὺς ἐλαχὺ σκάφος ἔκ ποτε πόντου
Ἰονίου ποτὶ γᾶν ναυστολέων Πέλοπος,
φορτίδα μὲν καὶ πάντα νεὼς ἐπιβήτορα λαόν,
κύματι καὶ συρμῷ πλαζομένους ἀνέμων,
ἀσκηθεῖς ἐσάωσε: καθιεμένης δ᾽ ἐπὶ πέτραις
ἀγκύρης, ψυχρῶν κάτθανεν ἐκ νιφάδων
ἠμύσας ὁ πρέσβυς. ἴδ᾽ ὡς λιμένα γλυκὺν ἄλλοις
δούς, ξένε, τὸν Λήθης αὐτὸς ἔδυ λιμένα.

— Paton edition

Damis of Nysa once navigating a small vessel from
the Ionian Sea to the Peloponnesus, brought safe
and sound to land the ship with all on board, which
the waves and winds had swept out of its course ;
but just as they were casting anchor on the rocks
the old man died from the chilling snow-storm, having
fallen asleep. Mark, stranger, how having found a
sweet haven for others, he himself entered the haven
of Lethe.

— Paton edition



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