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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 285
Codex Palatinus 23 p. 286


στυγνὸς ἐπ᾽ Ἀρκτούρῳ ναύταις πλόος: ἐκ δὲ Βορείης
λαίλαπος Ἀσπάσιος πικρὸν ἔτευξα μόρον,
οὗ στείχεις παρὰ τύμβον, ὁδοιπόρε: σῶμα δὲ πόντος
ἔκρυψ᾽ Αἰγαίῳ ῥαινόμενον πελάγει.
ἠϊθέων δακρυτὸς ἅπας μόρος: ἐν δὲ θαλάσσῃ
πλεῖστα πολυκλαύτου κήδεα ναυτιλίης.

— Paton edition

Aucturus' rising is an ill season for sailors to sail
at, and I, Aspasius, whose tomb thou passest,
traveller, met my bitter fate by the blast of Boreas.
My body, washed by the waters of the Aegaean main,
is lost at sea. Lamentable ever is the death of young
men, but most mournful of all is the fate of travellers
who perish in the sea.

— Paton edition



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