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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 280


ἆ δείλ᾽ Ἀντίκλεις, δειλὴ δ᾽ ἐγὼ ἡ τὸν ἐν ἥβης
ἀκμῇ καὶ μοῦνον παῖδα πυρωσαμένη,
ὀκτωκαιδεκέτης ὃς ἀπώλεο, τέκνον ἐγὼ δ᾽
ὀρφάνιον κλαίω γῆρας ὀδυρομένη.
βαίην εἰς Ἄϊδος σκιερὸν δόμον οὔτε μοι ἠὼς
ἡδεῖ᾽ οὔτ᾽ ἀκτὶς ὠκέος ἠελίου.
ἆ δείλ᾽ Ἀντίκλεις, μεμορημένε, πένθεος εἴης
ἰητήρ, ζωῆς ἔκ με κομισσάμενος.

— Paton edition

O unhappy Anticles, and I most unhappy who have
laid on the pyre my only son in the bloom of his
youth ! At eighteen didst thou perish, my child,
and I weep and bewail my old age bereft of thee.
Would I could go to the shadowy house of Hades !
Nor dawn nor the rays of the swift sun are sweet
to me. Unhappy Anticles, gone to thy doom, be
thou healer of my mourning by taking me away
from life to thee.

— Paton edition




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