Epigram 7.435

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 274


Εὐπυλίδας, Ἐράτων, Χαῖρις, Λύκος, Ἆγις, Ἀλέξων
ἓξ Ἰφικρατίδα παῖδες, ἀπωλόμεθα
Μεσσάνας ὑπὸ τεῖχος: ὁ δ᾽ ἕβδομος ἄμμε Γύλιππος
ἐν πυρὶ θεὶς μεγάλαν ἦλθε φέρων σποδιάν,
Σπάρτᾳ μὲν μέγα κῦδος, Ἀλεξίππᾳ δὲ μέγ᾽ ἄχθος
ματρί τὸ δ᾽ ἓν πάντων καὶ καλὸν ἐντάφιον.

— Paton edition

We the six sons of Iphicratides, Eupylidas, Eraton,
Chaeris, Lycus, Agis, and Alexon fell before the wall
of Messene, and our seventh brother Gylippus having
burnt our bodies came home with a heavy load of
ashes, a great glory to Sparta, but a great grief to
Alexippa our mother. One glorious shroud wrapped
us all.

— Paton edition



Épigramme à la gloire de Sparte

Série d'épigrammes sur la gloire de Sparte, et plus particulièrement sur la bataille de Thyréa


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