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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 263


ἡ Βρόμιον στέρξασα πολὺ πλέον ἢ τροφὸς Ἰνώ,
ἡ λάλος ἀμπελίνη γρῆυς Ἀριστομάχη,
ἡνίκα τὴν ἱερὴν ὑπέδυ χθόνα, πᾶν τ᾽ ἐμαράνθη
πνεῦμα πάρος κυλίκων πλεῖστον ἐπαυρομένῃ,
εἶπε τάδ᾽: ὦ Μινοῖ, πῆλαι, φέρε, κάλπιν ἐλαφρὴν
οἴσω κυάνεον τοὐξ Ἀχέροντος ὕδωρ:
καὐτὴ παρθένιον γὰρ ἀπώλεσα.
τοῦτο δ᾽ ἔλεξε ψευδές, ἵν᾽ αὐγάζῃ κἠν φθιμένοισι πίθον.

— Paton edition

Old Aristomache the talkative friend of the vine, who loved Bacchus much more than did his nurse Ino, when she went under holy earth, and the spirit of her who had enjoyed so many a cup had utterly faded, said "Shake, Minos, the light urn. I will fetch the dark water from Acheron; for I too slew a young husband." This falsehood she told in order that even among the dead she could be able to look at a jar.

— Paton edition


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Épigramme type de la "buveuse"

Ensemble d'épigrammes faisant cas du topos de la buveuse. Ce type est familier à la comédie depuis Phrynichos (cf. Aristophane, Nuées, v. 555-556). Nous avons donc ici Myrtas (7.329) qui est soeur avec Bacchylis (6.291), Maronis (7.353 et 7.455), Silénis (7.456), Amphélis (7.457), et Aristomachê (7.384)


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