Epigram 7.383

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 263


Ἠιόνιον τόδε σῶμα βροτοῦ παντλήμονος ἄθρει
σπαρτόν, ἁλιρραγέων ἐκχύμενον σκοπέλων
τῇ μὲν ἐρημοκόμης κεῖται καὶ χῆρος ὀδόντων
κόρση: τῇ δὲ χερῶν πενταφυεῖς ὄνυχες,
πλευρά τε σαρκολιπῆ, ταρσοὶ δ᾽ ἑτέρωθεν ἄμοιροι
νεύρων, καὶ κώλων ἔκλυτος ἁρμονίη.
οὗτος ὁ πουλυμερὴς εἷς ἦν ποτε. φεῦ μακαριστοί,
ὅσσοι ἀπ᾽ ὠδίνων οὐκ ἴδον ἠέλιον.

— Paton edition

Look on this corpse of a most unhappy man scattered on the beach shredded by the sea-dashed rocks. Here lies the hairless and toothless head and here the five fingers of a hand, here the fleshless ribs, the feet without their sinews and the disjointed legs. This man of many parts once was one. Blest indeed are thos who were never born to see the sun!

— Paton edition




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Epigram 7.382

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