Epigram 7.368

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 260


Ἀτθὶς ἐγώ: κείνη γὰρ ἐμὴ πόλις: ἐκ δὲ μ᾽ Ἀθηνῶν
λοιγὸς Ἄρης Ἰταλῶν πρὶν ποτ᾽ ἐληίσατο,
καὶ θέτο Ῥωμαίων πολιήτιδα: νῦν δὲ θανούσης
ὀστέα νησαίη Κύζικος ἠμφίασε.

χαίροις ἡ θρέψασα, καὶ ἡ μετέπειτα λαχοῦσα
χθών με, καὶ ἡ κόλποις ὕστατα δεξαμένη.

— Paton edition

I am a woman of Athens, for that is my birthplace, but the destroying sword of the Italians long ago took me captive at Athens and made me a citizen of Rome, and now that I am dead island Cyzicus covers my bones. Hail ye three lands, thou which didst nourish me, thou to which my lot took me afterwards and thou that didst finally receive me in thy bosom.

— Paton edition



Prise d'Athènes par les Romains

La prise d'Athènes dont il est ici question est probablement la prise d'Athènes par Sylla en 88 av. J.-C.


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