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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 155
Codex Palatinus 23 p. 156


ἄσπορα, Πὰν λοφιῆτα, τάδε Στρατόνικος ἀροτρεὺς
ἀντ᾽ εὐεργεσίης ἄνθετό σοι τεμένη.

βόσκε δ᾽, ἔφη,
χαίρων τὰ σὰ ποίμνια, καὶ σέο χώρην

δέρκεο τὴν χαλκῷ μηκέτι τεμνομένην.

αἴσιον εὑρήσεις τὸ ἐπαύλιον ἐνθάδε γάρ σοι

ἠχὼ τερπομένη καὶ γάμον ἐκτελέσει.

— Paton edition

O Pan of the hills, Stratonicus the husbandman in thanks for thy kindness, dedicates this unsown precinct and says, "Feed thy flocks here and be welcome, looking on thy plot of land, that the plough never more shall cut. Thy little country domain will bring thee luck, for Echo will be pleased with it, and will even celebrate here her marriage with thee."

— Paton edition




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