Epigram 6.68

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 153


αὔλακας ἰθυπόρων γραφίδων κύκλοισι χαράσσων
ἄνθεμά σοι τροχόεις οὗτος ἐμὸς μόλιβος,
καὶ μολίβῳ χρωστῆρι κανὼν τύπον ὀρθὸν ὀπάζων,
καὶ λίθος εὐσχιδέων θηγαλέη καλάμων,

σὺν καλάμοις ἄγγος τε μελανδόκον, οἷσι φυλάσσει
αἰὼν ἐσσομένοις γῆρυν ἀποιχομένων.

δέχνυσο καὶ γλυπτῆρα σιδήρεον ᾧ θρασὺς Ἄρης
σὺν Μούσαις ἰδίην δῶκε διακτορίην,
Ἑρμείη: σὰ γὰρ ὅπλα: σὺ δ᾽ ἀδρανέος Φιλοδήμου

ἴθυνε ζωήν, λειπομένοιο βίου.

— Paton edition

I dedicate to thee this lead disc that, by its revolutions, marks the furrows for the straight-travelling pen to run in, the ruler which assures that the mark of the staining lead shall be straight, the stone that sharpens the deftly split pens, the inkstand and pens, by which Time guards for future generations the voice of the departed. Receive, too, the steel chisel, to
which bold Ares and the Muses assigned its proper task. These all, Hermes, are thy tools, and do thou set straight the life of feeble Philodemus, whose livelihood is failing him.

— Paton edition




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