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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 152


Γραμμοτόκῳ πλήθοντα μελάσματι κυκλομόλιβδον
καὶ κανόνα γραφίδων Ι᾿θντάτων φύλακα,
καὶ γραφικοῖο δοχεῖα κελαινοτάτοιο ῥεέθρου,
ἄκρα τε μεσσοτόμους εὐγλυφέας καλάμους,

τρηχαλέην τε λίθον, δονάκων εὐθηγέα κόσμον,
ἔνθα περιτριβέων ὀξὺ χάραγμα πέλει,
καὶ γλύφανον καλάμου, πλατέος γλωχῖνα σιδήρου,
ὅπλα σοὶ ἐμπορίης ἄνθετο τῆς ἰδίης
κεκμηὼς Μενέδημος ὑπ᾽ ἀχλύος ὄμμα παλαιόν,

Ἑρμεία: σὺ δ᾽ ἀεὶ φέρβε σὸν ἐργατίνην,

— Paton edition

Weary Menedemus, his old eyes misty, dedicates to thee, Hermes (and feed ever thy labourer), these implements of his calling, the round lead full of black matter giving birth to lines, the ruler that keeps the pens very straight, the receptacle of the black writing fluids, his well-cut reed-pens split at the top, the rough stone that sharpens and improves the pens when they are worn and the writing is too scratchy, and the flat steel penknife with sharp point.

— Paton edition




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