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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 200


Εὐγάθης Λαπιθανὸς ἐσοπτρίδα, καὶ φιλέθειρον
σινδόνα, καὶ πετάσου φάρσος ὑποξύριον,
καὶ ψήκτραν δονακῖτιν ἀπέπτυσε, καὶ λιποκόπτους
φασγανίδας, καὶ τοὺς συλόνυχας στόνυχας:
ἔπτυσε δὲ ψαλίδας, ξυρὰ καὶ θρόνον, εἰς δ᾽ Ἐπικούρου,
κουρεῖον προλιπών, ἅλατο κηπολόγος,
ἔνθα λύρας ἤκουεν ὅπως ὄνος: ὤλετο δ᾽ ἄν που
λιμώσσων, εἰ μὴ στέρξε παλινδρομίαν:

— Paton edition

Eugethes of Lapithe cast away with scorn his mirror, his sheet that loves hair, a fragment of his shaving-bowl, his reed scraper, his scissors that have deserted their work, and his pointed nail-file. He cast away, too, his scissors, razors, and barber’s chair, and leaving his shop ran prancing off to Epicurus to be a garden-student. There he listened as a donkey listens to the lyre, and he would have died of hunger if he had not thought better of it and run home.

— Paton edition





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