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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 199
Codex Palatinus 23 p. 200


Ἀκτῖτ᾽ ὦ καλαμευτά, ποτὶ ξερὸν ἔλθ᾽ ἀπὸ πέτρας,
καί με λάβ᾽ εὐάρχαν πρώιον ἐμπολέα.
αἴτε σὺ γ᾽ ἐν κύρτῳ μελανουρίδας, αἴτε τιν᾽ ἀγρεῖς
μορμύρον, ἢ κίχλην, ἢ σπάρον, ἢ σμαρίδα,

αἴσιον αὐδάσεις με τὸν οὐ κρέας, ἀλλὰ θάλασσαν
τιμῶντα, ψαφαροῦ κλάσματος εἰς ἀπάταν.
χαλκίδας ἢν δὲ φέρῃς φιλακανθίδας, ἤ τινα θρίσσαν,
εὐάγρει: λιθίναν οὐ γὰρ ἔχω φάρυγα.

— Paton edition

Fisher of the beach, come from the rock on to the dry land and begin the day well with this early buyer. If you have caught in your weel black-tails or some mormyre, or wrasse, or spams, or small fry, you will call me lucky, who prefer not flesh but the fruit of the sea to make me forget I am munching a dry crust. But if you bring me bony chalcides or some thrissa, good-bye and better luck! I have not got a throat made of stone.

— Paton edition



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